2500 made ​​the first calls to the post-API.ru

A few weeks ago the project post-API.ru entered a stable phase, and it began to appear the first customers using the project in its comercial sites. The last two weeks the number of calls per day varies from 30 to 200 (excluding weekends).

Of greatest interest is the speed of the method which is shown in the following table, based on the last 1000 calls the methods are used in commercial designs. The values ​​are given in seconds.

method min avg max
abi 0.0321 0.2522 2.2755
delivcost 0.0001 0.0003 0.0007
ibc 0.0153 2.2485 39.4717
postdata 0.011 0.0090 0.0402

Thank you for using post-API.ru!