About this project

Project post-API.ru created to provide for online stores API to calculate the cost and time of delivery of the goods to the population through the public postal service JSC "Russian Post".

The project provides free API to perform the following functions:

determination by ZIP-code (russian postal code) address (region, territory, region, district, city, street, house)

determination on the part of the name of the city and streets, a list of matching cities to the mask

payment shipping for delivery on Russia territory

payment deadline for the delivery of goods on Russia territory

calculating the cost of taking delivery charge (Cyber​​Money tariffs)

Determination address

This function allows you to determine by postcode next route chain: region -> territory -> region -> district -> city -> street -> house (Read more...).

The calculation time of delivery

This function allows you to calculate the time of delivery parcels from Moscow to Russia's regions by surface tracks.

Determination ZIP-code

Approximately one third of buyers in online stores do not know your code, making it difficult to calculate the total cost of their order. This function allows for part of the name of city and street determination postcode. The entered mask is case insensitive.

Calculating the cost of delivery

This function allows you to calculate the cost of sending a goods to the regions from Moscow. This takes into account extra charges for shipping to difficultly regions. The calculation is carried out only for the delivery of goods through land (on track and railway). The main and the sum insured is calculated separately. On the other restrictions can be found in docimentation.

Calculating the cost of admission COD

Russian Post uses to transfer COD the CyberMoney. Harnessing the power of post-API.ru will inform the buyer of the regions of the exact amount of the commission, he will have to pay at the post office in Russia.