What does "execution time" in the DEMOs?

Value "execution time" in the demonstrations, or the value "executed_time" in arrays-response means runtime script logic without network latency. Complete response time of post-API.ru equal to the time delay in the network (from an online store to post-API.ru) + executed_time + network delay time of post-API.ru to the online store.

In most cases, the delay script post-API.ru ten times shorter than the network delay.

Why is it better to use a post-API.ru, you store the FIAS in your shop?

There are at least two important reasons why to keep in a database FIAS has no meaning.

  1. The volume of the complete database in XML format FIAS than 12 GB. Once loaded into the database, it takes a little less, but still about 7 GB. Handle such a volume on the hosting, which usually run Internet shops - difficult, if not impossible. Allocates additional resources for handling and storage of these data - is to incur additional costs ($10-20 per month). Remember also need to update any information. They occur about once a week, and represent information that is 70-80%, not supplements, and checking information FIAS. In this case, the rules of FIAS, it does not replace the old information, and creates a new record in the database associated with the historical data cross-references. Thus, every week database will grow 10-20 MB and to hold hundreds of times larger than e.g., items catalog.
  2. On May 2013 FIAS in the database of more than 23 million records on targeted sites across Russia. Selection of data from a table takes 2-3 seconds, during which the "paralyzed" the work of the database. post-API.ru uses as special funds allocated for processing such data, and optimized according to the experience algorithms. To speed up queries Dumb intermediate bulk data table. As a result, most of the queries, even demanding such as finding streets on regular expressions, the normal response time does not exceed 0.2-0.3 seconds, which is close to real time.

Why do I need to apply the post-API.ru with your online store?

Studies show that about 50% of users do write mistakes in the address of delivery of goods inputs. Of course, the store manager at the time of the return stop ringing, update the address. But with the hearing also possible mistakes. The result of this - undelivered order, additional delivery costs, negative customer. 

In addition, customers tiring long forms that must be filled. Therefore, a large shape, in general, can reduce the conversion of user customers.  To avoid this, many sources recomended necessarily do form AutoComplete addresses based on postal code. This is what the post-API.ru. When integrated API in the online shop, the customer simply enter zip code, home and building. Everything else will be generated automatically, and in the format of Post of Russia, which will reduce the probability of loss of a order in the mail. 

One-third of customers do not know their index. It's not scary. Several methods of post-API.ru let you create addresses ponaboru the first few characters of a city or street that still reduces the likelihood of errors and minimizes the actions of buyers.

How do I start using post-API.ru in my project?

Need to take three steps.

  1. Sign up in your profile.
  2. Generate a API-key for access to the API.
  3. Review the documentation and examples.

And start using the API.